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Business Solutions. Formation and Counseling for Businesses in Rhode Island and Massachusetts 

There are a number of considerations a prospective business owner must make at the outset of their decision to build their business.  Decisions between different corporate forms can be difficult to understand, paperwork notwithstanding. 


When you are thinking of becoming your own boss there is a lot to consider.  Your first question is what kind of business structure best suits the functions of my business?  Whether it is a c-corporation, a partnership, an LLC, LLP et cetera, we can guide you to the right type of entity for your business and then help you bring that business into existence.  Every step of the process is explained to you from making the decision on the type of business entity to filing the necessary paperwork to get your business started.


Once your business is up and running, our office can counsel you to ensure that your business is operating within the boundary of the law. 


Call today to schedule your confidential initial consultation. Let us show you how we can help your business get off on the right foot. 

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