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RI / MA Landlord  / Tenant Lawyer Eric L. Hargraves  



       Evictions tend to be at the top of both a landlord and tenant's mind when they think of landlord-tenant law.  One of the goals of our office is to prepare landlords and tenants so that an eviction becomes the last step instead of the first thought. We do this through a thorough review of rental property ownership for landlords including consideration of various means for a landlord to hold property while reducing liability. We also prepare a renter's package that includes all of the necessary documents, signed by the parties, that establish a clear written communication of the law and terms of the tenancy under which the parties are operating.  We've found that clear communication and understanding of the law can reduce or eliminate many of the disputes that arise between landlords and tenants. If you are a landlord or renter in Massachusetts or Rhode Island and have questions about the best ways to hold or rent property, contact us today for a free consultation!

Fall River Eviction Lawyer
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